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Cricket is a sport played and loved by most Indians. People engage in cricket in many different ways and one of them is betting, the most exciting and fun way to enjoy cricket. 

In cricket betting, people place bets and win outstanding rewards by predicting runs, winners, and wickets. However, the fun doesn’t stop here. There are numerous types of cricket bets; some of them are basic bets that are placed on match winners, match draws, and series winners. 

If you also want to bet on cricket matches but don’t know which bets you should place then this guide will help you know and understand cricket betting.

types of cricket bets

Common Cricket Bets

Match bet:- The most common and simple-to-understand bet is a match bet. In this, you place a bet on whether the home team or the away team will win the match. 

Tied Match bet:- The name of this bet is a bit confusing. A tied match bet is not actually a tied bet but a draw bet. You place your bet to know if the match will be a draw. 

Double Chance:- In this, you are placing your cricket bet on a team ‘A’ to win or draw. 

Series winner:- This bet is for those who are sure about the winner or can predict the winner of a tournament or match series. 

Outright winner:- Outright winner bet is somewhat similar to a series winner bet; you predict the winner before the tournament starts. The sooner you predict, the better chances of winning the bet you’ll get. 

What Are The Most Popular Types Of Cricket Bet?

The most popular types of bets come with higher winning odds and are mostly predictable. Here are some of the popular types of betting:- 

Match Winner: You place your bet on which team will win the match. 

Man of the Match: The best player of the match is predicted in this bet. 

Most Wickets: There are two things in this bet- you bet on the player who took the most wickets, or you predict the total number of wickets in the match. 

Total Runs: You predict the total runs to be made in a game to win this bet.  

Team Proposition Bets

  • Win Toss
  • Toss Combination
  • First Innings Score
  • Total Fours

Cricket Player’s Proposition Bets

  • Top Batsman
  • Team of Top Batsman
  • Top Bowler
  • Individual Bowlers Series Wickets
  • Batsman Match
  • Man of the Match
  • Player of the Series

Is There Any Betting Site Where I Can Place Any Of These Bets? 

Yes, you can place whichever bet you want on Tiger Book. It is an Online cricket betting site that offers you multiple betting options. They also provide flexible betting, so you can change your bet anytime in the middle of the game. 

How Do People Predict And Bet On Sports?

Prediction betting is one of the most popular betting types. It includes a combination of things like sports knowledge, match history analyses, and an understanding of winning chances. People who bet on sports like cricket, football, baseball, or tennis have a keen in those sports which is why they can predict and bet on sports. Below are some of the things that are important for predictable betting:-

You must love the sports:- If you don’t know anything about cricket, you can’t predict a single bet. Thus, always place your bet on a sport that you are very familiar with. You should know about the teams, the key players of the tournament, the previous match data, etc. 

Losing is normal:- Prediction bets come with high chances of winning but also come with losses. 

Quick decision maker:- Sometimes, you need to make/change the bet quickly in between the games. You need to increase or decrease the bet based on the condition of the match. 

Emotion control:- It’s hard to place bets when your emotions run high, especially during intense moments in the game. So, keep your emotions aside, analyze information, and place your bet first. 


If you love cricket betting but were unaware of the betting types. We hope the above guide can help you understand all the multiple types of betting so you can choose the one you want and can place better prediction bets. 

Also, if you are looking for a reliable cricket betting site to explore our above-provided betting options then you can consider the following betting sites:- 

Tiger Exchange 247

Lord’s Exchange 

Laser 247

These sites are known for their unique betting experience and simple-to-use interface. Each of these platforms has its own set of features. You can visit these platforms by clicking on their name and start betting on cricket instantly. 

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