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After searching ‘What is cricket betting Odds?’ If google brings you here then you can rest assured that you’ll get to know everything about betting odds in cricket matches.  

However, for newcomers, calculating and understanding cricket betting odds can be a bit complex. But fear not fellow cricket fans! Whoever you are ( new bettor or experienced) this blog covers the basics of understanding cricket betting Odds and how you can use this information to place your first bet. 

Understanding Cricket Betting Odds

Understanding The Language Of Odds

Before we move further, let’s first understand what cricket odds actually are. 

Cricket betting odds are some important numbers that represent the probability of a specific outcome happening in a match. These odds are displayed by bookmakers and reflect the estimation of how likely each team is to win. 

Here’s a breakdown of how cricket betting odds work, using a assumed match between India and Australia as an example:

India (-180) vs. Australia (+160):

India (negative odds): Represented by the minus sign (-), India is considered the favorite to win in this assumed match. The number -180 shows the amount you need to bet to win INR100. So, a $100 bet on India with -180 odds would payout around $55.55 (winnings minus initial bet) if they win.

Australia (positive odds): Represented by the plus sign (+), Australia is considered the underdog. The number +160 shows the potential return you would receive if you bet $100 and Australia wins. In this case, a winning INR100 bet on Australia with +160 odds would payout around INR260 (winnings plus initial bet= INR 100+(+160)).

A Simple Rule of Thumb

Generally, the higher the number (positive or negative), the less likely the outcome is to happen, but the potential payout is also significantly higher. Here’s a quick reference guide:

Lower negative odds (-100 to -200): Shows a strong favorite team, with smaller potential payouts.

Higher negative odds (-300 and below): A very strong favorite, with very low potential payouts.

Lower positive odds (+100 to +200): A mild underdog (the chances for them to win the match be 40%-60%), with decent potential payouts if they win.

Higher positive odds (+300 and above): An unknown underdog team (the chances for them to win the match be 20%-80%), with high potential payouts (but less likely to win).

Note: Now go back to the example (India vs Australia) and read it again. This win helps you understand odds better. 

Exploring Different Types of Odds

While win/loss bets are the most common, cricket betting offers a rich amount of options for your specific preferences and cricketing knowledge:

Top Batsman/Bowler: Back your player intuition and predict who will score the most runs or take the most wickets, respectively.

First Innings Score: Can you accurately gauge the team’s batting prowess? Bet on the total runs scored in the first innings.

Fall of Wickets: Test your match prediction skills by betting on the exact number of wickets that will fall in the match.

Player Specials: Feeling confident about a specific player’s performance? Explore bets on things like who will be Man of the Match or who will hit the most sixes.

Why Choose Tiger Book For Winning Cricket Bets?

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of decoding cricket betting odds, let’s explore why Tiger Book is your ultimate partner to enter in the world of cricket betting:

10% Bonus on New cricket ID: All the new users are welcomed with a 10% bonus on their online cricket ID. If you have deposited INR 1000 to your betting account then your account will reflect INR 1100 (bonus include).

Competitive Odds, Bigger Wins: They go the extra mile to offer some of the most competitive cricket betting odds in the market. Which increases your chance to win bets.

A World of Betting Markets: They offer a diverse range of betting markets that extend far beyond simple win/loss bets. Explore the depths of your cricketing knowledge and adjust your bets to specific aspects of the game and see if it results in a successful bet, 

User-Friendly Platform: Tiger Book believes that a smooth and user-friendly platform is key to a seamless betting experience. Their online cricket betting platform is designed for ease of use, allowing you to effortlessly explore odds, place bets, and manage your account.

To sum it all up, 

We hope this above information is helpful for you to understand cricket betting odds and how Tiger Book stands as one of the reliable cricket betting sites online. Also, do remember that as fun as cricket betting is, you need to play responsibly and keep yourself getting addicted to it.  

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