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Gambling and betting are two different terms and are meant for different purposes. However, we can sometimes mix these terms without knowing that gambling is illegal in India. Thus, we have collected some information to differentiate gambling and betting and to help you understand them better. 

Are Gambling And Betting The Same? 

No, gambling and betting are not the same. Gambling is a much broader and bigger term that is based on luck. In Gambling, you bet on any event for any outcome. On the other hand, betting includes predictable betting, where to use your knowledge to predict and bet on cricket matches and online games. You use your knowledge about that sport to make decisions and place your bet. 

However, there is a bit of similarity between these two, and that is- 

  • Putting money as a stake is common in both. 
  • People are aware that they both involve risk. 
  • People hope to get extra money/rewards/prizes from both of these. 

But, we can say sports betting is different from gambling. Here’s how:- 

  • Gambling includes all sorts of things you can think to bet. It sometimes includes money and sometimes assets like properties, gold, and jewelry. 
  • Unlike gambling, betting still includes a level of skill and knowledge about the event. For example:- sports betting may require an understanding of the key players, teams, and various factors that could affect the outcome of the bet.

Is Betting And Gambling Legal In India?

According to the Public Gambling Act of 1867,  it is strictly prohibited to engage in or operate any kind of public gambling. It will be a violation of this law if an individual or group runs gambling actions at home, in gambling parlors, or in any public place. 

How To Bet Without Violating The Act

  • Do your research and find a legal betting site like Tiger Book that encourages responsible gaming. 
  • Go through all the features of the sites to see what qualities they have. 
  • If an online betting platform asks for additional fees/charges that were not mentioned in the beginning, leave that site immediately. 
  • Avoid betting on illegal events, such as political outcomes or unregulated competitions. 

Top Reliable Betting Sites

These are some of the trusted and most well-known online betting platforms for you, so don’t get involved in illegal gambling acts. We have described these platforms and their Unique features below:- 

Tiger exchange:- It is a popular betting site that offers simple and easy-to-understand betting options. Here, you can bet on any cricket tournaments like T20 World Cup, ongoing IPL matches, test series, and much more. 

Best Known For:- Online Cricket Betting 

Site Link:- Tiger Exchange 

Silver exchange:- It is an online gaming and betting site with more than 200+ online games and live cricket betting options. If you are a new user, they will provide you with a 10% welcome bonus. 

Best Known For:- Proving luck and skill-based games. 

Site Link:- Silver Exchange 

Sky exchange:- This is another online platform offering a user-friendly interface and quick login process. Within a few minutes, you can get started and place your bet on your favorite matches and games. 

Best Known For:- Free cricket ID creation and Instant Login process. 

Site Link:- Sky Exchange

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