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Cricket’s A-List: The Most Popular Players in the Modern Era (2024 Edition)

Cricket is an exciting sport with a rich history, starting in England in the 1500s. Today, it’s popular worldwide, especially in countries like India, Australia, and England. The game comes in different formats: the long, five-day Test matches, and the quick, three-hour Twenty20 (T20) games. Each player has a special role, such as batting, bowling, or fielding, and they all work together to win. Cricket is known for its detailed rules and strategic play, making it a thrilling sport that brings people together and creates a sense of community.

When thinking about the most popular cricketers in the world, there’s so much to uncover. For instance, which cricketer has shown best performance in all three cricket formats? How many wickets has he taken in the T20 format in comparison to test matches? Or what is his strike rate? 

All these measures are important to know before we take a look at the popular cricketers in the world. 

Everlasting Legends Of Cricket

Virat Kohli (India)

A name known to modern cricket, Virat Kohli’s journey from a young talent to a professional leader has been nothing short of phenomenal. Despite a slight dip in form recently, his hunger for runs, passionate captaincy, and immense fan following sets his place among the most popular cricketers globally.

Cricket Records:-

FormatMatchesRunsAverage100s50sHighest Score

Steve Smith (Australia) 

Steve Smith is known for his unique batting style, which has baffled bowlers for years. He’s great at scoring runs in all types of cricket matches and has recently made a strong comeback, making him a favorite among fans and an important player for Australia.

Cricket Records:-

FormatMatchesRunsAverage100s50sHighest Score

Joe Root (England)

Often described as the complete batsman, Joe Root’s elegant stroke play and exceptional attitude have earned him immense respect.Β  His creative run-scoring across formats and his calm leadership qualities make him a pillar for the English team and a popular figure amongst cricket lovers.

Cricket Records:-

FormatMatchesRunsAverage100s50sHighest Score

Young Stars Taking the Cricket World by Storm

Babar Azam (Pakistan)

Babar Azam is often compared to Virat Kohli for his smooth batting style and steady scoring. He’s become a big hit globally thanks to his ability to play beautiful shots and score consistently. Fans love watching him dominate bowlers with his classy technique and elegant batting.

Cricket Records:-

FormatMatchesRunsAverage100s50sHighest Score

Rishabh Pant (India)

Rishabh Pant is a bold left-handed batsman known for his aggressive batting style. He’s an important player in the Indian team because he can go on the offensive against the opposition. Fans, especially younger ones, love his flashy and daring way of playing.

Jasprit Bumrah (India) 

Jasprit Bumrah’s unique bowling action and collection of lethal deliveries have made him one of the most feared fast bowlers in the world today. His ability to constantly clock high speeds and swing the ball both ways makes him a match-winner and a popular figure. 

Pat Cummins (Australia)

Pat Cummins is the definition of a modern fast bowler. With his lightning speed and precise accuracy, he’s a force to be reckoned with. As the leader of Australia’s bowling attack, he’s known for consistently taking wickets. People admire his pace and leadership skills. 

Engaging Fans Beyond the Boundary

The rise of social media has played a significant role in driving cricketers to superstardom. Here are some players who have used social media platforms to connect with fans and enhance their popularity:

David Warner (Australia)

David Warner’s aggressive batting style on the field is matched by his vibrant personality off it.  His social media presence, filled with humor and family moments, allows fans to connect with him on a personal level.

KL Rahul (India)  

Known for his elegance on the field, KL Rahul is equally charming off it.  His social media presence showcases his love for fashion and travel, offering fans a glimpse into his life beyond cricket.

Trent Boult (New Zealand) 

The left-arm pacer from New Zealand, Trent Boult, is not just known for his swing bowling but also for his humorous social media posts.  His interactions with fans and teammates connects him to audiences worldwide.

Popularity Beyond Numbers: Impact and Influence

Popularity in cricket goes beyond just runs scored or wickets taken. Some players rise above the game and become cultural icons, inspiring millions:

MS Dhoni (India) 

MS Dhoni is a cricket legend known for staying cool under pressure. His unique batting style and leadership skills have made him a star in Indian cricket. Fans worldwide love him not just for his cricketing talent but also for his iconic status.

Sachin Tendulkar (India)

Arguably the greatest batsman of all time, Sachin Tendulkar’s popularity in India and around the world is unmatched.   He is not just a cricketing legend but a national icon who inspires millions with his dedication, humility, and charity endeavors.

Emerging Talents to Watch

Cricket’s future is bright, with a new generation of talented youngsters waiting to make their mark. Here are a few names to keep an eye on in the upcoming years:

Prithvi Shaw (India)

Prithvi Shaw, a young genius known for his aggressive batting and fearless strokeplay, has already impressed at the international level. His ability to dominate attacks with his attacking style and energetic on-field presence has him on the edge of superstardom.

Qasim Akram (Pakistan)

Following in the footsteps of his legendary father Wasim Akram, Qasim Akram is a rising star in Pakistani cricket. His all-round abilities with both bat and ball, coupled with his developing skills, have him classified as a future great, attracting significant fan attention.

Sam Curran (England)

Sam Curran, a talented young English all-rounder, has already showcased his abilities on the biggest stage, winning the Player of the Tournament award in the 2019 Cricket World Cup. His ability to contribute in all aspects of the game and his calm presence make him a valuable player for England. 

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