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IPL is one of the best leagues in the world, with more than 168+ million views on the league’s opening match. It’s basically celebrated as a festival in India. 

People go crazy while watching Virat Kohli hit sixes and Bumrah spin the ball. But as the game improves every year, many myths about ‘match-fixing’ also emerge. 

There have been so many occasions and events in the history of IPL that have led us to the question: Are IPL matches fixed or real? 

As important as it is to uncover the truth of match-fixing, let’s not forget that the Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were banned for two years in 2015 due to the involvement of the top officials of the team in cricket betting. 

Let’s talk about some of these shocking myths and incidents to know if this cash-rich league is actually fixed. 

Are IPL Matches Fixed Or Real?

Most Significant Incident – 2000 Match-Fixing Scandal 

It was one of the biggest cricket match-fixing that people talk about today. During the South Africa tour to India, no one expected something this shocking. 

On 7 April 2000, a crime branch official said that he had recorded the conversation between Cronje (a South African cricketer) and Sanjay Chawla (a bookie). They were both involved in match-fixing. 

But, we can’t conclude that IPL matches are also fixed on the basis of the above Incident. 

Fact Check: IPL Matches Aren’t Fixed – Here’s Why

If IPL matches are fixed, then we wouldn’t see players getting injured and risking their cricket careers. There have been cases that question whether a game is scripted or not. Here are some facts that purely deny all match-fixing allegations. 

Fact number 1: Brilliant catch by Tim Southee 

In the 8th match of IPL 2022 between PBKs and KKR, Tim Southee not only stopped the ball from hitting the boundary but ran out Kagiso Rabada with an awesome catch. 

Fact number 2:  Virat Kohli- The Jumping Machine

Let’s remember Virat Kohli’s awesome catch in the match between RCB and DC. When Rishabh Pant was trying to go for a boundary, Virat jumped and got the catch single-handed. 

These facts make us think again about the reality of IPL matches and the performance of key players. Just imagine why these players would put so much effort into the matches if they had already been fixed.

Public Perception vs. Reality

What we see on screen is different from the match field. We have our doubts about the player’s underperformance, but there could be reasons for that. Let’s understand this with IPL auctions. 

Every year, a date is fixed for the auction. Team owners put massive amounts on each player, but little did they know that their performance cannot be predetermined or guaranteed. A player gets the highest bid/lowest based on his previous performances. 

Each player has their unique skills, strategies, and form, which can vary from match to match. Additionally, the pressure to perform in front of millions of fans, coupled with the competitive nature of the sport, further support the authenticity of IPL matches.

How And Why Do People Win Bets?

There were times when bettors won huge amounts by predicting IPL winner that had less chance of winning the match. Could it be because of match-fixing? 

If IPL matches were fixed, then.

Gujrat Titans wouldn’t have won the 2022 IPL trophy in their debut season. 

Chennai Super Kings wouldn’t have won in IPL 2018 right after they completed their two-year ban. 

All these things take us back to why this league would ever be continued if the matches were fixed. There are some matches that can easily be predicted, but that doesn’t mean they are entirely scripted. 

Most importantly, a player cannot injure himself or risk his cricket career for betting. Players like Michell Starc and Ravichandran Ashwin have several injuries that made them leave the field. So, let’s end with our final thoughts: IPL matches are not fixed. 

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