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RCB can qualify for the IPL 2024 Playoffs. However, they have to win all the remaining matches before the qualifications.ย 

The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) find themselves in an unbelievable position in the ongoing IPL 2024 season. After a line of disappointing losses (6 continuous losses), their playoff qualification chances seem as fragile as a china doll. 

But is all hope lost for the rcbian army?  

Can RCB Qualify For The IPL 2024 Playoffs?

A Dismal Start And A Mountain To Climb

RCB started with a six-match losing streak, exposing their weakness in both batting and bowling departments. 

Virat Kohli’s struggles with the bat and the absence of a reliable middle-order partnership have restricted their batting. 

While their bowlers like Mohammed Siraj and Glenn Maxwell have yet to deliver the attack the team needed. 

A Glimmer Of Hope

Despite their poor performance, a mathematical possibility for RCB’s playoff qualification remains the talk. 

With five matches left in the league stage, they need to win all of them to reach a total of 14 points. However, even these points might not be enough. 

Qualification will heavily depend on the performance of other teams currently occupying the top spots (RR, KKR, SRH, LSG, CSK).

Scenario 1: A Change In The Game

RCB’s best chance depends on a shift in fortunes for the current top three teams โ€“ Rajasthan Royals (RR), Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), and Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH).ย 

If these teams stumble and win only one more match each in their remaining fixtures, it would open the door for RCB. 

This scenario would leave RR, KKR, and SRH at 22, 20, and 20 points, respectively, allowing RCB’s potential 14 points to secure a fourth-place finish.

Scenario 2: Net Run Rateย 

Even if other teams don’t cooperate fully, RCB could still sneak into the playoffs if they manage to win all their remaining matches and significantly improve their net run rate (NRR).  

Currently, their NRR is the worst among other teams. This makes this path highly impossible.

A Ray Of Hope: Recent Victory

There are, however, some positive signs for RCB. Their recent victory against SRH broke their losing streak and showcased glimpses of their batting potential, with Virat Kohli finding form.  

If key players like Faf du Plessis rediscover their touch and the bowling attack finds its rhythm, RCB could pull off a few more unexpected wins.

Can RCB Qualify For The IPL 2024 Playoffs?

Can Virat Kohli Spark A Comeback?

The passionate RCB fan base remains the backbone factor. Their unmoving support can create a positive flow at home games. It can push the team to perform at their best. A late-season flow could be on the surface if Virat Kohli can recapture his leadership magic and inspire his teammates.


RCB’s chances of making the playoffs are slim right now. They need other teams to lose and a big improvement in their own playing. But in cricket, surprises happen. Can RCB Qualify For The IPL? We’ll have to wait and see!

Comment down your prediction over the qualification of RCB below!

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